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Roadscapes Wednesday: Piedmont, AL

Before I shot pictures at The Field of Champions / Piedmont High School I toured the small town of Piedmont, AL and took some photos of the road scenes.  Piedmont has four major highways that run through the town.  U.S. 278, AL-21, AL-9, and AL-200 carries most of the traffic through town.  First off is U.S. 278; the highway is a 4-lane through town with one traffic light and a 4-way stop.

AL-9 runs through the middle of town.  It has two traffic lights and it goes through some very pretty scenery in town!

AL-200 serves as a bypass for traffic on AL-21.  The road is not very long and it connects to US-278.  

This weird intersection at AL-21 and AL-200 is very weird.  If you are coming south on AL-21 you have to yield to AL-200 traffic.  This means if you drive a truck or car and you can not see to your right you have to hope a car is not going to hit you.  This needs to change as AL-200 traffic needs to yield to AL-21 traffic.  AL-200 traffic can look to the left to see if a car is coming!

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