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Designing The Ultimate Geek Cave At Home

Gaming is huge in Alabama as in all other states in the U.S., with the Electronic Entertainment Design and Research finding that around 67% of all Americans play games on at least one gadget. Serious gamers know that they give their best when they in the peace and quiet of their own home, in their den or computer room, where it is easy to ‘get into the Zone’ and smash all previous records. If you are keen on creating a special den or nook in which to play games, you might find inspiration from the following tips:

Ergonomics are Important

When was the last time you got caught up in a game, only to find that your back hurt or your legs were stiff by the time you got up from your chair? Good gaming chairs can cost as much as $1,500 or more, but you can find quality chairs for as low as around $350. This may seem like a lot to spend, but it is definitely worth saving for, since the comfort a good chair affords can be considered priceless. Factors to look for include adjustability, comfort, good back support, adequate firmness, and sturdiness. 

Picking the Right Spot

Serious gamers can spend hours straight playing with friends online or at gaming parties, and that means that ideally, your geek cave should contain natural light. If your sun-filled rooms are all taken, you may decide to move your cave to the basement. Because basements often lack sunlight, they can be damp, so regular cleaning against allergy-causing mold is key. This is especially true if your room will be used by kids or someone with an allergy to mold spores, or by a person with respiratory issues. Regular vacuuming and humidity control will ensure that surfaces remain clean and safe.

Lighting Builds Ambience

If your basement or geek room is window-free, don’t make the mistake of using fluorescent lights or harsh lighting features, which will afford your space a sad, soulless air. Features such as studio track lighting, pendant lighting fixtures, and false lighted windows can lend the illusion of space and sunlight. Pendant lighting in various lengths can add a certain grace you may not expect to find in a games room. You can also use LED lighting in futuristic colors like green and blue, to accent specific furniture pieces, or to light up shelves and other storage furniture in which you store your favorite games. 

Comfort Rules

Your geek cave doesn’t have to be just about gaming. When friends are over, you may also want to simply chill out, listen to music and talk about the latest games and news. If you have the space for it, why not create a lounge spot? It can contain a comfy sofa (a spare Chesterfield sofa or chair can add a beautiful stately air to an otherwise modernistic games space), bean bags, colorful cushions, and the like. If you have the whole basement to yourself, you can divide the space into separate ‘zones’, one of which can be a food/bar area. Stock the latter with a mini fridge, snacks, and storage furniture for glasses and cutlery. Once you set up your bar, your geek cave may suddenly be the coolest spot in town, as far as your friends are concerned.

If you’re lucky enough to have a large home and you have always dreamed of designing your very own paradise, why not start with the basement or any other room that isn’t being put to full use? In addition to the basics (such as lighting, carpeting, storage furniture etc.), make sure to add playful touches such as posters or framed photographs inspired on iconic games, cushions, bean bags, and the like. Turning your geek cave into a relaxing den will have far-reaching effects, converting the space into an appealing space that can be used for everything from reading to meditation, study, and of course, unwinding with the game that is currently setting your mind on fire.

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