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Here Are Four Tips To Upgrade Your Geek Cave

Almost 7 in 10 Americans play regularly video games, on their phones, computers, or even consoles. The majority of enthusiastic players prefer to use multiple devices – with games on the go via their smartphone and conscious gaming in the evening or at weekends on their computer/console station. The truth is, when you love video games, you know that you need a dedicated geek cave.

A previous article of the blog provides a handful of practical and cozy ideas to turn an unused nook or basement into the perfect gaming environment. But when you’ve already set your gaming space, you need to consider the improvements you can bring to your relaxing area. Indeed, you need to think that gaming is typically a solo hobby that confines you in a sitting position for an extended period of time. To put it clearly, that’s the healthiest of activities. So, here’s to making your geek cave healthy:

Check if your basics are still okay

First of all, the typical geek cave consists of an ergonomic chair in a quiet space. You’d rapidly develop back, neck, and wrist pains if you didn’t invest in a comfortable and suitable chair. But when you spend a lot of time interacting only with the screen, you can miss out on potential issues in your gaming cave – even if the seat is comfortable because then nothing distracts you from the game. If the area is not suitable ventilated or insulated, it could become damp and attract mold patches. You may not notice it at first – especially if the patches are behind the sofa or the screen, but it’s essential to keep track of the air humidity. Not only can it affect your health, but it can also damage your equipment. The addition of a humidity sensor can prevent many issues.

Improve your gaming equipment

Is it time to enhance your gaming experience with new gadgets? If you’ve been struggling to find a game that keeps you entertained, you might want to check for the latest gaming headsets on the market – you can check some of the best studies here. Ultimately, a quality set sends you right in the middle of the game, letting you play the adventure from within. In short, yes, that’s a massive improvement.

Enhance your snacking approach

You can’t live off beer, pizza, and biscuits – don’t laugh, those are favorites among gamers. If you’re keen to have a fridge and a small food cupboard in your geek cave, you need to make sure it’s filled with healthy snacks. Start with a healthy snack subscription if you’re not sure what to buy. Low-calorie ice creams and dark chocolate treats can go a long way in keeping your waist size under control.

Make it a social hobby

Lastly, gaming doesn’t have to be an isolating hobby. Indeed, you can connect with other gamers online. But, in your own home, you can also reach out to your partner, housemates, or relatives to share a game. Gaming can solidify an existing bond, whether it is romantic between partners or just friendship.

Your geek cave is a dream come true for your gamer self. But it is also a dream that comes at a high cost for your health if you’re not careful, whether it increases the risk of mold-related diseases or it accentuates solitude and a sense of boredom. Improving your gaming cave accordingly can let you tackle most issues.

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