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Here Are Four Geeky Ways To Make Memorable Holidays

Whether it’s an inevitably dull family holiday or you’re going on a big city weekend away, sometimes you need to do something a bit unusual to make your holidays something to remember. Here are four ways to make your run-of-the-mill trip a bit more memorable.

Make Your Own Map

The perfect solution to your yearly by the numbers family getaway. Set up a themed treasure hunt around your favorite landmarks, or plan a murder mystery tour where you set up a story and base it in the local park or museum. It’s the perfect thing to do with friends or family to keep them occupied for hours. Making a map can be as simple as buying a local tourist map and arranging the order of your key destinations. Alternatively, if you want to participate but don’t really want to arrange it yourself, why not explore events you can book rather than hand make yourself. 

Historical Tours With A Twist 

Put a twist on a traditional historical tour by cycling or taking a segway tour to sites visited by your favorite historical leaders. If you focus on a particular character and arrange for a tailored tour around the city, you’ll really be able to go into depth and find out more about the personality that shapes that area. You could choose a leader that had an impact on local communities, like Fiorello LaGuardia, known as the little flower of New York City. He fought for local markets and openly opposed Prohibition, so you could really find yourself going off the beaten track in search of former underground speakeasies around little known areas of the city.

Join An Extreme City Experience

These tours can be as varied as walking down an abandoned crypt or exploring creepy sewers. Why not take an extreme tour and meet some new and interesting people? It might be an abandoned subway station from the 1950s or a series of wartime tunnels, but each one has its own unique feel and varies from city to city. For the real extreme thrillseekers, why not look at braving heights and climbing the tallest building in the city, or go orienteering out of town in some ancient caves. Seek out those experiences to really make your trips memorable.

Arrange Your Trip Around A Convention

Take a break from your holiday by going to a convention! It might be based around your favorite gaming nostalgia or a film series, so surround yourself with like-minded people and have one or two days of fun at the event. You’ll often meet famous film or TV stars, so it’s bound to make that holiday so much more memorable. If you’re going with friends, why not take it a step further and theme the entire trip.

From the themed to the ultimate extremes, add a touch of spice to your trips by geeking them up and doing the things you enjoy. It’ll make your trip that bit more memorable.

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