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This Is How Gaming Is Good For You

It is often reported in the media that gaming is bad for your health, that people are isolated and become unable to function out in the real world. However, as often as these topics are pulled into the limelight, gamers rise up and prove time and again that it is just not the case.

Let’s take a look at how and why gaming is good for you!

Keeping You Younger

While getting older isn’t anything to fear, playing games can keep you younger. Although very often as people get older their reflexes get slower, and you are much more likely to see an older person driving a little bit slower in a 40 zone – gaming puts paid to that. Gaming can keep your brain nice and sharp, for much longer. Just like exercise, every day can keep your body in great shape, gaming does it for your mind. Speaking of activity, if you want to combine the two, you can get a Wii console and work out and play games at the same time.

Decision Making

When you are playing any kind of game, you’ll find the need to make decisions. Some games are the choice between the red dragon or the green dragon, others are a little more real-worldly. For example, timing the crossing of a road to avoid being in an accident in simulator style games. You use the same decision-making processes every day, and hopefully, you’ve never been hit by a car or a bike, but if you have getting a lawyer can help (just like in the game). Strategic thinking is required in almost all jobs.

IMAGE CREDIT: Photo by Sean Do on Unsplash

Super Social

“They play games alone all day in their room, it is so anti-social.” Just because a game is played online, on a computer, doesn’t mean that there aren’t millions of people talking, meeting up and sharing significant parts of their lives. Although gamers are painted as social rejects, the truth, however, is that gamers out in the real world are communicative and friendly people. Many games, especially those played online will be heavily team-based, communication and support is key to getting the reward in the end.

Bigger Brains

That might be a slight exaggeration, but gamers appear to be quicker at learning. This might be due to having to pick up instructions and carry them out quickly with things like questings, or promptly changing strategies in the middle of a game. Or it could be that people who are naturally quicker learners opt to spend some of those skills gaming. Either way, when playing games the environment and the responses to it can be different for each player.

Focus for Longer

One of the biggest complaints by parents and partners all over the world is the amount of time their children or significant others can play games for. However, while you might be concerned that your children are dreaming about Pikachu instead of learning Pythagoras theorem, you can probably relax.

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