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Sunday Discussion: Gillette’s The Best Men Can Be Commercial

I mean I just can’t believe this.  Throughout my life I have bullied many, many times, abused by other men including my father, and mistreated as well.  And a commercial made by Gillette is getting backlash?  I wonder why?  The commercial titled “We Believe: The Best Men Can Be” talks about how men can be better by preventing bullying, preventing fighting, preventing harassment, and just overall be a better gentlemen.

But instead, we have people protesting this ad and this company, and some even throwing away their Gillette razors or even trying to flush them down the toilet.  Why?  Because it’s okay to bully others?  Because it’s okay to sexually harass other women?  Because it’s okay to fight other people?  This is not “Liberal Social Justice Warriors” ruining society.  This is all about stopping the senseless fighting, bullying, harassment, and other bad things men and women are doing to each other.

I guess some in our society today wants to bully and harass others because they think it’s okay.  No it’s not!  I have gone through a ton of bullying and harassment throughout my childhood and even today.  It should never be okay to bully or harass other people.  So I applaud what Gillette is doing with this ad!  Bullies and harassment just plain suck!

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