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Support Unless U’s New Headquarters On This Giving Tuesday

Giving Tuesday is today.  Today is the day charities around the world are asking people for donations.  And I have a special organization in Alabama that you should support today!  I have Asperger’s Syndrome, or High Functioning Autism.  And for certain individuals, there is an organization based in the Birmingham Metro that serves adults with developmental disabilities and their families.

The organization is called Unless U.  Unless U is committed to serving adults with developmental disabilities and their families through continuing education, life skills, and social skills.  Their services create an environment that promotes independence.  Unless U envisions a world where adults with developmental disabilities are not seen through the lens of their disability but rather through what they offer their community.

Their program offers a “University-style” atmosphere for their adults.  They do academics like math, Reading, Science, History, Language Arts, Technology and Bible Study.  They also offer social skills such as Appropriate Conversation, Social Cues, Interpersonal Skills, Problem Solving, and Conflict Resolution Skills.

They also offer life skills such as Money, Personal Hygiene, Technology, and Nutrition.  And they also offer electives such as Dance, Music, Drama, Art, Basketball, Cheerleading, Culinary Arts, Yoga and Job Skills.  And for Giving Tuesday, Unless U is asking for donations to build a new headquarters in Vestavia Hills.

From the Birmingham Business Journal, The four-year-old nonprofit is in a capital campaign to raise $1.3 million over the course of three years for the center. When the center is complete, the group will continue its mission of serving adults with developmental disabilities and their families through continuing education, life skills and social skills.

The new facility will include several classrooms, a library, a lunchroom, a job skills classroom, a fine arts space, offices and more. The extra university-like space will enable the nonprofit to grow from serving 40 adults with developmental disabilities a day to 75.  That would be awesome if Unless U could serve more people with developmental disabilities!

If you want to help Unless U build their new headquarters, donate at: https://www.facebook.com/donate/182830909335475/

Learn more about Unless U at: http://unlessu.org/

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