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Odd Little Gaming Obsessions Everybody Has

Some games have changed the gaming industry so much that they’ve made it into public knowledge and popular culture. Resident Evil, for instance, is one of those games that even non-gamers know and respect. Tomb Raider, Mario Bros, Sonic, the list is long and constantly growing. 

However, what most enthusiastic gamers fail to consider is how gaming obsessions develop and can cross to the other side. Do you have to be an experienced video game player to fall in love with a playful platform? Here are some of the most remarkable games everyone is obsessed with, and that includes your parents and your elderly neighbors. 


The Google Doodle

Now and then, the Google team surprises web users with a unique Doodle. Some of their most popular Doodles include online games, such as the Google Doodle Baseball Game or the traditional Santa’s game. Doodle games are completely free, and there’s nothing to prize to win. However, most web users are likely to click and play. Ultimately, it’s an unexpected distraction. However, even in the middle of a busy day, everyone has a few minutes to dedicate to the latest Doodle game. In most workplaces, some potentially risky platforms are blocked, which means that for desk jobs, you may not have access to your usual social media platforms and online gaming sites at work. So when Google offers the unique opportunity to play a game and learn something new without putting the company’s network at risk, there’s no reason to reject the opportunity. Google is perceived as a safe and educational source, so users are more likely to engage with playful Doodles. 


The game for gains

Imagine if you could make money at the click of a button. That’s precisely what makes games such as Situs judi online so appealing. There’s a unique opportunity to transform your life in a few clicks. Everybody wants to believe in luck, which is why most people will have a cheeky game. In many ways, it’s similar to buying a lottery ticket before a big draw. Sure, there is only a tiny chance to win. But what if you did? Now and then, we take a chance. What if today was the day? 


The Facebook challenge

Only 1% of people can solve this. Can you pass?

What Friends character are you?

What’s your spirit animal?

Clickbait Facebook quizzes and games are designed to attract your curiosity. Unfortunately, online quizzes and games are not designed for your entertainment. They intentionally flatter you into participating. But their true purpose is to collect data, and yes, that means yours. They are fairly straightforward as a rule of thumb. However, because they paint a positive image of the players, more and more people click for instant gratification. 


The free-to-play app

Not all mobile games are free. But those who claim to be free contain a lot of in-app purchase options. Game of War recorded an average of $550 in-app purchases per player. This is miles away from being free. However, players are keen to pay because they need upgrades and add-ons to finish the game. You don’t pay to play. You pay to win. 


Non-gamers are more likely to develop unhealthy gaming obsessions, such as exposing themselves to data breaches through Facebook games. However, everyone can sympathize with these odd gaming obsessions. They tap into the human psyche, turning our desires and dreams into clickable actions. 

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