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Sunday Discussion: Mother’s Day 2015 And Nathan’s Life Updates

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Today is Mother’s Day, and well, I am mostly too broke to afford anything for my mom.  I mean, when you have been unemployed for nearly four years now, and every opportunity you apply to has been rejected, what you can do?  Before I get to my mother’s day thoughts, I wanted to respond to a couple of nice folks who have taken the time to respond to me.  First, as you know, I am dealing with plenty of people who are criticizing me here in Alabama, especially on the blog comments and by e-mail.  Once in a while, I do get a nice e-mail, here is what this person said.

Hi, I just wanted to let you know how happy I am that I found your blog and how fabulous I think it is. Both as a self professed geek and a progressive, I often feel so alone. I do have a few good like minded friends and belong to a couple of progressive FB groups so all is not bleek but still, your blog was a huge bright spot in my day when i stumbled across it last week. I also wanted to say – Please don’t let the idiots get you down. We need people like you if this state is ever going to be lifted out of the 1950’s.

Ah thank you!  I mean, I sometimes write about things that makes those people who are Tea Party supporters explode!  Alabama has got to get out of this “Tea Party” and “Cut Everything” mentality if this state is going to comeback.  I mean, this state is ranked second to last in job creation, with Alaska being the worst.  And with our legislature wanting to cut things so bad that those with disabilities will be given the middle finger, and might even be forced onto the streets, the people who lead this state needs a wake up call!

And if you are new to this site, you need to know that I do have Asperger’s Syndrome and I am on the Autism Spectrum.  That sometimes makes me a target to those who thinks I am either “Faking It’ or “I Am Lazy”.  Yep, I have a fun time deleting bad e-mails and comments here on the blog.  And if you think I am faking it, I wanted to share the diagnosis by another psychologist recently, let me just quiet you down now.


So, with our state on its way to a shutdown or bankruptcy, let’s talk about another person who sent me something nice!  The YouTube channel Press Record sent me a very nice comment, and I wanted to answer it here.


So, I was born around the Akron area of Ohio.  I still have my brother and my dad’s grandparents living in and around the Akron and Hudson, Ohio areas.  As for the jobs I am looking for.  Well, I have been rejected over 1,600 times now.  What I do good the best is media work, writing, photos, videos, social media, websites, computers, etc.  I am going to embed my visual resume (over 14,000 views) and resume below.  Thanks for commenting!

I also wanted to share this letter from the YouTube channel NerdishByNature.  They sent me a letter written on a typewriter!


So, other than the hate comments and e-mails I get often, I also sometimes get some nice stuff as well!  Now, let’s talk about Mother’s Day!  It’s a special day today, and I have a mom has been going through a lot as well.  I am not the only one unemployed, my mom and half-brother are also unemployed, and that kinds of creates some hardship because I am thankful that she pays my apartment rent.  Yep, looking for jobs in the Anniston/Oxford metro, the worst performing metro area in America, is almost impossible.

We will see where things will lead me, I hope something happens soon!  So, for this Mother’s Day, I have created a handmade Mother’s Day card.  It will be very similar to the 2014 handmade Christmas card.  That card made some people not happy at me down here.

card 001

So the Mother’s Day card will feature a couple of things I have a hard time dealing with.  From the Tea Party supporters slamming me, living in a bad economic metro area, people throwing things at me on the side of the road, helping people out but they don’t pay me like they promised, almost landing a new job/career but it falls apart at the last-minute, having the Alabama Legislature wanting to pull the rug from under me, reporting bad infrastructure but nothing happens, and having my mom support what I do on Geek Alabama, I am living a very weird life right now.

stuff 1 001

The front of the card simply says “Happy Mother’s Day!”

stuff 2 001

Well, I love you mom!  I hope something happens soon so I can take the financial pressure off of you.  Happy Mother’s Day!

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