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Foodie Saturdays: What Japanese Prison Food Is Like

Yep, I am starting another new Geek Alabama segment!  On many Saturdays, I am usually out covering or doing something.  And I was thinking about a quick segment to whip up for Saturdays.  Since I love food, yes I am a foodie.  And everybody has to eat food.  And there are many foodies out there, why not do a foodie segment, Foodie Saturdays is here!  Every Saturday, I will post something foodie related, mostly a video.  And to begin this segment, I am posting a video from the YouTube channel Only In Japan.

In this video, host John Daub takes a tour of an old Japanese prison.  And of course he samples what prisoners in Japan would eat for meals.  And Japanese prisoners eat way better than prisoners here in America.  You also get a tour of a prison museum, and their prison cells as well.  Enjoy below!


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