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Foodie Saturdays: Japanese Millennials Review Instant Noodles

What do Millennials who are from Japan think of instant noodles from America?  Yeah, they really are not big fans!  BuzzFeed had Japanese Millennials try two different instant noodle brands.  And their […]

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Foodie Saturdays: What Japanese Prison Food Is Like

Yep, I am starting another new Geek Alabama segment!  On many Saturdays, I am usually out covering or doing something.  And I was thinking about a quick segment to whip up for […]

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Sunday Discussion: Inside the Japanese Hotel Staffed by Robots

Yep, robots are getting smarter and faster, and will soon be taking the jobs of some people.  One job, hotel workers!  A hotel in Japan Nagasaki’s Henn-na Hotel opened this year with a mechanised […]

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Music Thursdays: America’s Got Talent Siro-A Golden Buzzer

This week on Music Thursdays, let’s talk about why Piers Morgan used his golden buzzer on America’s Got Talent!  Siro-A is a very talented dance group where they combine music, dance, and […]

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What Do You Do When You Are Short On Money In Japan, You Live In A Internet Cafe

Wow, what a great short film below.  The Vimeo channel MediaStorm takes you inside the world on internet cafes in Japan.  And because rent is so expensive in Toyko, some people who are temp […]

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Excellent Drone And Umbrella Dancing Makes This New OK Go Music Video Awesome

A drone was used in this video, but it was used to make another awesome OK Go music video!  In this music video called “I Won’t Let You Down”, you see the […]

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Good News Fridays: Four Cute Animal Videos To End The Week

How about a couple of great animal videos to end your week?  Cool!  This first video from the YouTube channel BBC Earth features a very good topic.  Did you know that your dog senses […]

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Animation Monday: Palmipedarium, The Daily Drumbeat, By Your Side

This week on Animation Monday, I am showcasing three short animated videos that are cool to watch!  The first video from the Vimeo channel Jeremy Clapin features a boy named Simon who really knows […]

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Roadscapes Wednesday: Great Snow Wall In Japan

Once again today, the south is dealing with another winter storm.  Everything from ice, sleet, freezing rain, and snow has caused problems across the southeast from Louisiana to The Carolina’s.  So, since […]

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