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The Very Annoying Neighbor’s Music Which Will Soon Result In Calling The Police

So this is a post I need to write now, because it’s going to either end with action being taken, or the local police being called and letting them deal with it, which will not end well.  I live in a house which is split down the middle where there are two apartments.  The two apartments are separated by a wall.  The neighbor next door has a speaker that plays music, especially R&B and rap music.  At certain times, especially during the evenings, he will decide to turn on the speaker, and start playing music.

Here is the problem, the neighbor turns up the speaker so loudly, that I can hear his music being played.  And this can go on for hours at a time,  usually it’s during the evening hours in which the music is played for a couple of hours.  You don’t know which night he decides plays music, it’s always random, never on Sunday evenings.  But you can always count on Fridays and Saturdays.  And it’s not just the evening hours, one Saturday he played music for over eight hours.  Sometimes he will start playing music as early as 12 noon, and as the case last night, he decided to start playing music at 9 PM and he didn’t quit to almost midnight.

Not only I am getting annoyed about this, the people who live in the houses on either side of me, are also getting annoyed about this.  Heck, even the business across the street is getting annoyed about this.  Because the neighbor turns up the speaker so loudly, you can hear it from the street, and at times, the people living at the other houses next door, can hear it as well.  Now, I have politely told the neighbor to please turn down his music, his response, he got all angry and upset and even threatened me.  This is the not the neighborly way.  With me having Asperger’s Syndrome and an Introvert, I need time where it’s quiet so I can unwind, can’t do that in this situation.

Yes, I have told the landlord about this, and he said he talked to the neighbor, but nothing has been done.  Now, I am demanding something to be done, along with the other neighbors who live on this street block.  Because let’s face it, all of us should not be annoyed by one’s person’s actions.  And the next step is not going to be a fun one.  Because either myself, or the other neighbors, are going to call the local police.  I have talked to several local police officers, and they have told me, that I can call them, if this continues.  And I am also known by several city council people, and they have told me that action can be taken if this continues.  I really don’t want to get to this point, but I might not have any other choice.

When the neighbor is all annoying with loud music, I usually leave the apartment.  I have plenty of places nearby, from empty businesses, empty homes, benches on the street corner, or even closed down businesses for the night, that have benches I can sit at and relax.  Sometimes I will also walk over 10 blocks to the nearby Burger King or McDonald’s and order dinner and sit there until very late then walk back home where the neighbor has gone to bed.  Being how not safe Anniston is, this is usually not a very smart move.  But what can I do, because listening to annoying loud rap and R&B music that you are not playing is something that is not fun.

So, I have made this video to document what is going on.  I am going to give the landlord another chance to do something about this, before I have have enough and call the police.  It’s very simple, either the neighbor gets rid of the speaker, buys a pair of headphones to listen to his loud music, turns down the speaker quite a bit, or the neighbor moves somewhere else.  Because we have neighbors literally right next to you, you cannot be annoying and a total brat.  I should not let my health, sleep, and well-being suffer because someone thinks they have the right to be annoying as hell.

I have tried talking to the neighbor about his loud music, and nothing happened.  I have talked to the landlord about this, and nothing happened but I will give it one more shot, the next step is simply calling the local police.  And they will put a stop to it, and it will not be good.  So let’s see what happens, boy 2018 has been such a good year so far!

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