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View A Complete Guide To Halloween Safety From Coupon Chief

Today is Halloween, and of course tonight you will see many adults and children trick-or-treating in every city and neighborhood.  Of course, parents are concerned about tainted candy, but maybe they should be more concerned about their children being hit by a car.  Did you know that being hit by a car causes the most injuries and deaths each year?  Yes, the chances someone being hit by a car jumps on Halloween night.

The website Coupon Chief has a great guide to everything Halloween.  From keeping your kids safe from drivers, strangers, choosing the best costumes, answering the door, and even Halloween safety at your own home.  This guide is perfect for any parent to make sure you and your kids are safe on this wonderful night!  The guide also includes Halloween safety for pets and some interesting Halloween facts including over 42 million kids going trick-or-treating and parents spending $2.5 billion on Halloween Candy.

To view this guide, go to:

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