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Hey Bible Thumpers, See The Best Tweets About Alabama Not Having The PowerBall Lottery


Hey Bible-thumpers and those right-wing folks who loves to keep Alabama stuck in the past.  As of this writing, the PowerBall lottery is up to a $800 million, and probably will end up at around a $1 billion jackpot, incredible!  So, why does Alabama not have an lottery?  Is it bad political leaders?  Is it people with deep morals?  Who knows!  One thing is for sure, every gas station along the Georgia, Tennessee, and Florida borders are packed with people from Alabama getting an lottery ticket!

So, to convince those religious, Baptist, moral people who thinks Alabama is better off without an lottery.  Below are tweets left by people who also thinks Alabama not having an lottery is stupid!  Maybe we will get a chance to vote on an lottery in 2016, but I am not holding my breath!


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