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Animation Monday: Gravity Falls Is Going Through Weirdmageddon

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On this Animation Monday on a Tuesday, let’s talk about the end of the world!  On the DisneyXD show Gravity Falls, the town is going through Weirdmageddon!  In Bill Cipher’s world, there are flying eyeballs that turn people into stone, and Bill gets to have his own title sequence!

Welcome to Weirdmageddon!  Existence has been turned upside down, time has stopped, and the people are left to witness the end of the world, and their survival!  In the episode Dipper & Mabel vs The Future, we see Bill Cipher break the portal and begin the  apocalypse.  In the episode titled Weirdmaggedon: Part I, Bill unleashes mayhem on Gravity Falls!  Things are so bad, the woodland monsters and mystical creatures that live around the town are also running for their lives.

So what did we learn from part I, we don’t know about the fate of Mabel, Gideon still wants to take over Gravity Falls even in the end of the world, Wendy is kicking some butt, and we will see what happens inside that bubble on part II.  The cool thing about weirdmageddon, this is a mini-movie type of season finale, meaning we have a couple more episodes to go before Gravity Falls ends its second season.


The bad thing about this is how long do we have to wait Disney before the next episode!  Don’t make the fans wait weeks or months before seeing the entire Weirdmageddon story arc!  Judging by how Disney schedules its shows, it might be the beginning of 2016 before we see if Dipper and Mabel can defeat Bill Cipher and its monsters!  For now, the citizens of Gravity Falls will mostly hide, or fight until they are turned into statues!

A lot of people are also hoping that Weirdmageddon won’t be the end of Gravity Falls and there will be another season.  Because you know what Disney, Gravity Falls has become one of the top cartoons on TV!  It would be a shame to see a top show end in a short time!  Anyways, when will Weirdmageddon Part II air because I can’t wait!  It’s only going to get weirder!  For now, enjoy this 107 Gravity Falls Facts YOU Should Know video with nearly five million views on ChannelFrederator.

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