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See Why Sturdier Premium Smartphones Are Now Here


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Premium smartphones are primarily known for their luxury and sleek look as well as the new technologies that comes with them rather than being rugged, sturdy pieces of kit. When we hear about rugged gadgets, we often think about low-end devices that come with a bulky and edgy design. But, new trends show that the top of the line mobile devices are now built sturdier and tougher while sporting the same premium aesthetics.

Who are the top smartphone producers for this niche? How sturdy can robust smartphones be? Read on to find out…

Mobile companies have been trying

Brands such as Apple, Samsung, LG, HTC, and Sony are some of the companies known for producing premium smartphones in today’s market. But, it’s only Sony who’s been active in producing waterproof and water-resistant Xperia handsets over the last couple of years. It comes with IP certification to prove their claim and the longest time that their devices can stay underwater is a reported one-hour.

Samsung has also released the robust Galaxy Active smartphones (a separate premium device to their flagship), but the company failed with this release. The Korean tech giant decided to just incorporate their rugged features to the rest of their Galaxy devices starting with the Galaxy S5.

It’s greatest competitor, Apple also made their new iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s Plus sturdier than its predecessor. According to O2, it now comes with a new 7000 series alloy body, making the new iPhones thinner, lighter, and tougher regardless of its large display. The battery also incorporated some impressive upgrades (adding 3 more hours of usage to the handset).

Mobile companies have found a way to add robust elements to their smartphones while retaining its premium appearance. But, what sturdy features are common to most mobile devices today?

What makes a smartphone sturdy?

Rugged cellphones aren’t particularly new to the market, as we have seen various durable mobile devices released in the past such as the Casio G’Zone Commando. However, these phones aren’t as smart as today’s smartphones and often their robust and bulky look won’t pass as a professional device. It’s a good thing that new smartphones are now built with sturdier material. Here are some of the rugged features of most smart devices on the market today:

  • Waterproof/Water-resistant – Not all smartphones come with this feature, many tech companies have tried experimenting, producing their own waterproof or at least a water-resistant smartphones. They even get IP (Ingress Protection) certification to prove how powerful they can resist liquid and dust.
  • Metal body – Most smartphones are now featuring the toughest metals. Goodbye plastic covers and hello aluminum bodies. From metal backs to metal rims, these premium smartphones defy elegance and toughness in one package.
  • Scratch- and Tempered-free glass – Apart from the body of the device, a sturdy handset has to come with a scratch- or tempered-free display. Although a real “unbreakable” screen hasn’t been developed yet, most mobile displays are now protected with the toughest Corning Gorilla covers.
  • Longer battery – It’s not only the physical features that should be sturdy, the handset must also be long lasting. The power of the battery is another factor to consider when choosing a robust smartphone. It must be able to run for a long period, especially since mobile devices come with apps that tend to drain batteries quickly.

What other uncompromising features do you expect to see on smartphones? What’s your favorite study premium handset today? Share your thoughts with us by commenting below. Stay updated with Geek Alabama to get the latest tech news and tips from our state!

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