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Donate To The Calhoun County Humane Society In Honor Of Sherman


A local animal shelter in Calhoun County is needing some help.  The Calhoun County Humane Society is running a FundRazr campaign to stay open.  The campaign is in honor of the dog named Sherman.  Sadly, Sherman did not make it.  But, don’t let this stop you from helping this animal shelter!  They are running a $2 campaign in honor of Sherman and they need your help!  This is what the animal shelter wrote.

Sherman was abandoned at The Animal Shelter in Anniston AL on August 10, 2015, left lying outside the gate while the shelter was closed. He was rushed to a local vet clinic – too emaciated to stand, skin covered in sores, heart full of heartworms and belly full of fluid. The vet was able to stabilize him, but they still do not know if he will survive. If he wants to fight, we want to fight for him. It’s what this shelter does – gives every animal a fighting chance.

The problem? This poor rural shelter struggles every day just to stay open. The debt is high and the utility companies are crying for payment…yet the animals are also crying for care. Sherman is not the first cruelty case dumped at the gate*, and there will be many more to come. We need to make sure they have a place to go…a place that loves them more than the people who left them behind. A place that will always, no matter how big the challenge, give them a chance.

Please help keep the doors open. Please help this shelter continue helping animals like Sherman. Calhoun County Humane Society, Inc. (known as “The Animal Shelter”) is a nonprofit and donations are tax-deductible.  Sherman thanks you with all his loving heart.

The Calhoun County Humane Society is still needing funds to stay open.  This Summer has been a hot one, and the power company is threatening to shut off the power to the animal shelter.  No power, no shelter!  And the other animal shelter can not deal with the animals this shelter has.  They are a little over $1,000 of their $3,000 goal.  If you can donate to them at:

If you can’t donate, maybe you can help find animals from this shelter a home!  See animals available for adoption at:

Also on Facebook at:

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