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This Is A Warning Post For Those Who Use Frontline Plus For Pets


This is a post for those who have dogs and cats!  I went to my mom’s house over the weekend, and of course the best part is seeing Georgina the Dog.  Well, the dog has had plenty of troubles with fleas!  Georgina has spent the past few weeks scratching and itching all the time.  The itching was so bad she was literally scratching some of her fur off of her body.  Georgina was using Frontline Plus flea protection, but somehow it was not working.  And because the flea protection had to wear off before she was given another product, she had to suffer!

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Anyways, Georgina is now on a different flea protection product, and within 30 minutes after it was put on, the fleas began to die.  And Georgina slept for the first time in weeks!  The flea problem was so bad Georgina could not even sleep at night.  And while I was petting her over the weekend, and yes I had to pet her for hours, she was trying to catch a little shut eye.  Georgina is not suffering with fleas anymore, but apparently the Frontline formula is becoming a major dud!

There are many complaints online about the Frontline Plus flea protection formula not working this year, and the fleas are becoming unaffected to the flea killer.  And the results is thousands of cats and dogs suffering.  I have found some not so good reviews of Frontline Plus you might want to read!

I have used Frontline before and it worked on both my dog and cats. This year the results have been horrible. The product seemed to work for less than a week and now all my animals are reinfested with fleas. My son is even diligent in flea combing the kittens but to no avail. I will no longer purchase this product. My vet even said that Advantage was the better product. Too bad I did not know that before I bought Frontline.

We used Frontline plus for cats and it did not work at all. We used it 2x and all it did was make our poor cat dig and bite more. Worse product I have ever used. My cat is and always has been an indoor cat. I want my money back for this worthless product. It was not cheap by no means. Please do not waste your $$$ on this crap.

I purchased Frontline products Plus for my cats trying to get rid of fleas. It states on the box that it is fast acting. The product absolutely doesn’t work. My cats still have fleas and are paying the price for it. They are charging way too much for this product to not work. I have purchased advantage before within a 24 hour period to a week. Everything starts clearing up. I want my money back. I will never purchase this product again. One person called and followed their instructions and her cat is now dead. This happens to my animals I will be taking further action.

I have religiously used Frontline every year on my cats. Never had a problem with fleas, the medication did its job. Suddenly this year Frontline is not as effective as it has been in the past. I treated all 3 of my cats plus a new puppy and although the fleas have lessened they are still there. I vacuum daily, wash pet bedding weekly and have even used Knockout ES house spray. The fleas seem to be only on the pets as we never have fleas jump on us from carpet or furniture. I check the cat’s bellies and “armpits” daily for flea dirt but only find it on their neck and tail areas. Why does the box say it can take up to 3 doses to become completely effective? It was never like this before. One dose and fleas were gone. I have one more dose to give before I can contact the company for a refund. If fleas are not gone by then I better get my $$ back.

Got the Frontline for cats, put it on. 4 days later they still have fleas. Called the company, told them the cats still had fleas. After listing for 15 minutes I find out that the guarantee on the box is not right. They only cover if you use the product for 3 months, at 60$ (three doses) each month. That’s a lot of money. If it didn’t work the first (as it says on the box) why would anyone buy more? Frontline is a rip off. I’m going back to Advantage. I know it works (the first time).

So there you have it!  I would avoid Frontline Plus at all costs!  It did not help my mom’s dog Georgina, and it has not helped many other dogs!

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  1. I am discussed with a product that all of us pet owners and lovers of our fourlegged friends. Front line DOES NOT WORK on my cat of 11 years housecat all of his life. How he got fleas around 4 years ago I don’t know. I am diligent about applying front line every month for years. Your product is so ineffective that my home had what my vet said was a flea buildup. Now I spray every month with zithrothol premise that product does work. He itches more after a week then he did before I applied your product. I read consumer report about your product it is shocking that your even in business anymore. My opinion. Is your product should be taken off the shelves go back to the drawing board.