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Tim Cook Has Stirred The Alabama Political Hornet Nest


As some of you might know, Apple CEO Tim Cook is from Alabama.  He was born in South Alabama, and went to school at Auburn University.  Even though he has announced that he is gay, and he has slammed several lawmakers in Montgomery, Tim Cook is not afraid to speak his mind about corruption and problems here in Alabama.  His latest example of this was when he gave the commencement address to students at George Washington University.  You can watch the speech below, but to sum it up, Tim Cook said that meeting Governor George Wallace in 1977 was not an honor for him.

He even said that shaking his hand felt like a betrayal of his own beliefs. And shaking Wallace’s hand was like selling a piece of his soul.  Soon after this meeting, Tim Cook got to meet President Jimmy Carter.  Tim said the president was compassionate and he had not sacrificed any of his humanity.  Tim Cook said it was clear to him that one was right and one was wrong.  Yep, way to stir the hornets nest down here in Alabama Tim Cook.  I agree with what he said, but this lit up social media with many here in Alabama disagreeing with Tim Cook.

A good example is the Facebook page of Yellowhammer News.  When they posted a story about this, it lit up their comments.  Here is an example of the bad comments.

And Alabamians should stop referring to him as a native Alabamian…

Being a former segregationist is bad but it’s not bad to have Chinese children work in a sweat shop to make your product. Typical liberal double standard.

I’m one of those “dang Yankees” who moved to Alabama 30 years ago at age 18. What a wonderful state and those born & raised here that I’ve gotten to know and become friends with are just awesome! He can move to Cleveland, Ohio. He’d fit in perfectly there!

He relates his experience of shaking hands with someone whose views or opinions were different from his to “selling a piece of his soul”…smh…Why don’t ya have a hissy fit, ya little drama queen…

Cook has shown previously that he doesn’t love his native state of Alabama. That’s his right, just like it’s my right to not care for his ideas on more than one issue.

Tim Cook has too much time on his hands. Take care of of your JOB, and stay out of ALABAMA.

What’s “uncalled for” about saying George Wallace was a terrible person? He was a terrible person! Good for Tim Cook! You don’t have to love Alabama. Like everyone says, “If you don’t like it here, then leave!” Well, he did! Good for him!

He’s just trying to keep up an image. Just another lackey for the North. Stay out of Alabama Timbo. Your a disgrace to all the Alabamians that have died fighting this country’s wars. A Country that most of the nation makes fun of daily. From now on you Northerners and the east and west coast fight your own wars. Traitor idiot.

Tim Cook has successfully talked me into making my next phone anything but an iPhone.

George Thomas you are a d*** just like Tim Cook. Cook is an embarrassment to the state of AL.

With these comments, you now wonder why this state is in such deep trouble with their budgets, and is about to have parts of the state government taken over by the feds because we can’t do the right thing, reform the horrible tax code and the 1901 state constitution.  Oh well, I guess people here in Alabama wants to stay in the 1950’s.  With comments like these, you can see why Alabama is backwards.

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