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Watch Adam Savage Go Incognito At Comic Con With Chris Hadfield And Alton Brown


So every year at Comic Con, Adam Savage from Tested and Mythbusters walks the floors of Comic Con in some kind of costume to fool the people!  And this year, Adam teamed up with two other cool geeks to put on some great costumes!  The first video has Adam and astronaut Chris Hadfield cosplaying as 2001: A Space Odyssey astronauts, complete with working active water-cooling systems in their spacesuits.  Plus they also carry look alike lunch boxes from the movie!

The second video features Adam and Altron Brown from Food Network cosplaying as the Twins from The Matrix Reloaded, coordinating intentionally low-grade costumes to throw off fans.  So, how long until Adam Savage, Chris Hadfield, and Alton Brown are busted by the fans at Comic-Con, enjoy below!

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