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UAB Shocked The World Today, Along With Their Shoes


Well, I picked UAB to upset Iowa State today, and I am glad I made that pick!  I think part of the reason why UAB pulled off the upset today was because of the whole UAB Football debacle.  Another reason is because of the mismatched shoes the basketball team is wearing.  Everyone on the team has mismatched sneakers on.  And it’s not because the team forgot their shoes.  They are doing this for a special little kid battling cancer.

UAB coach Jerod Haase took over the Blazers program in 2012. During his first season, the team became close with a young cancer survivor named Elijah Seritt.  Elijah went through two brain surgeries, 17 surgeries overall, two stem-cell transplants, and chemotherapy to rid his body of medulloblastoma, a form of brain cancer.

This summer, Haase and the Blazers took an off-season trip to Spain to play games against European competition in hopes of priming them for year to come. Haase saw a player on a Spanish team wearing mismatched sneakers, and came up with an idea: If his team pulled a similar stunt this year, perhaps people would wonder what the deal was. The team could use the attention to help raise awareness and money for pediatric cancer treatment and research.

The team has worn different colored Nikes since the start of this season.  And if you want to help Elijah Seritt and the other kids battling cancer at Children’s of Alabama, consider making a donation at:

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