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Three Things To Know About The Long-Term Side Effects Of The COVID-19 Vaccine

Post by Bob Shephard from Alabama NewsCenter In his nearly 30 years studying vaccines, Dr. Paul Goepfert, director of the Alabama Vaccine Research Clinic at UAB, has never before seen a vaccine as effective […]

The Evening Post: COVID-19 Vaccines Arrive At UAB

The University of Alabama at Birmingham received a shipment of 10,750 COVID-19 vaccines this morning. With this shipment, UAB will vaccinate 5,363 of our hospital and 1,609 of our clinical personnel, as […]

UAB Preclinical Study Of COVID-19 Vaccine Candidate Shows Potent T-Cell Responses

Preclinical studies of a COVID-19 vaccine candidate at the University of Alabama at Birmingham show positive results that appear to distinguish this vaccine candidate from other vaccine candidates now in advanced stages of clinical […]

UAB Offers Tips For Children Wearing Masks During The Pandemic

Post from Alabama NewsCenter As cities and states begin to reopen, people, including children, are being asked to wear masks when out in public. Children may not understand why they have to […]

University Of Alabama At Birmingham Launches HelpBeatCOVID19.org To Track Disease In Real Time

As the South sees a surge in cases of the coronavirus, experts at UAB have created a symptom checker to identify hot spots where the virus is spreading. The website, HelpBeatCOVID19.org, will provide public health […]

I’m A Mom, A Daughter And A Doctor – Here’s How My Family Is Preparing For The Days Ahead

As a family medicine physician, I can tell you that we are in a uniquely uncertain time. The novel coronavirus, known as COVID-19, is a new virus that we have never seen before. […]

Snoring Nose No Limits: UAB Experts Advise How To Cut Noisome Snoring

Post is by Adam Pope for Alabama NewsCenter Snoring, the nocturnal malady that is the bane of countless marriages, affects nearly 40 percent of adult men and 24 percent of adult women. In […]

Learn More About BlazerCon 2019 In Birmingham

If you live in the Birmingham Metro, there is a convention happening this weekend that you should know about!  BlazerCon 2019 is taking place on the UAB campus at the UAB Hill […]

Good News Fridays: UAB Football Jerseys To Honor Alabama Children During The North Texas Game

Post written by Solomon Crenshaw Jr. for Alabama NewsCenter Mary Laslie Pike doesn’t play football, but the 10-year-old from Homewood is among 100 youngsters whose names will be on the backs of UAB football players’ […]

UAB Gets Top Honors By Being The Top Ranked Young University In America

UPDATE: This post is written by Tyler Greer from Alabama NewsCenter.  Learn more at: http://alabamanewscenter.com The University of Alabama at Birmingham [uab.edu] has been ranked the top young university in the United States and No. 10 worldwide […]

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