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Thank You The Free UAB Movement For Bringing Back UAB Football

Awesome news today, I think President Ray Watts and the UAB administration finally had enough from the Free UAB movement. Because today, Ray Watts announced that the football team, along with women’s […]

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Ray Watts Has Been Caught With His Pants Down, Now He Needs To Go

So, the truth has finally been revealed in the UAB football saga.  And most of us were correct!  There was something fishy about the UAB football team being cut, and after what […]

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UAB Shocked The World Today, Along With Their Shoes

Well, I picked UAB to upset Iowa State today, and I am glad I made that pick!  I think part of the reason why UAB pulled off the upset today was because […]

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The UAB Football Situation Shows You The Major Corruption In Alabama

Some people ask me, why no one will hire me in the state of Alabama.  I tell them this, it’s because many people with power, from politicians, business owners, and other people […]

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The UAB Football Will Be Shut Down, The Fight Is Not Over

The news was made official today.  UAB President Ray Watts has announced via many sources that the UAB football program will close up shop.  Of course, with the football program closing down, […]

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The Anniston Nightclub Fight / The Corrupt Way The UAB Football Might Be Shut Down

The crazy state of Alabama, where cities like Anniston are home to animal abusers,  crooked politicians, rude people, and fights at nightclubs.  And, the state is home to crooked officials with a […]

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The We Are For UAB Movement, And Why It’s Important For Birmingham

UPDATE: Sign the petition to continue UAB football at:  http://www.ipetitions.com/petition/continue-uab-football Read the Open Letter to Chancellor Witt and the Alabama Board of Trustees at:  http://uabstrong.blogspot.com/2014/11/open-letter-to-chancellor-witt-and.html?m=1 Over the weekend, a new video popped up […]

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