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Good News Fridays: We (Southerners) Suck In Colder Weather

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So, many people in the south hates Winter weather.  And despises driving inthe  snow and ice.  And anytime we see pictures of people stuck in the ice and snow.  Or see videos of people who can’t drive on the ice and snow, people in the north laugh at us.  And that is okay!  The YouTube channel The Holderness Family parodied southerners who can’t drive in Winter weather, and they pretty much said it, we suck in colder weather!

The song parodies a Zac Brown Band song, and the song features the many things people do in the south when snow is in the forecast.  Stocking up on the bread and milk, slipping and sliding on the snow, stocking up like the end of the world is here, cancelling school for flakes of snow and limbs in the road, driving into the ditch when snow is on the road, and arguing about the color of that dress.

As what the song says, we suck in colder weather, we weren’t born for freezing.  Enjoy!

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