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See The Anniston Footage Saturday Night Live Used In Their Parody Video

Yep, somehow and someway Anniston ended up in a Saturday Night Live parody skit.  In last week’s show, they had a parody movie trailer called “God’s A Boob Man.”  Yep, that is […]

See Sesame Street Parody Game Of Thrones With Game Of Chairs

The 5th season of Game of Thrones is almost here!  And to get ready, Sesame Street parodied the popular HBO series with their own version called Game of Chairs.  In this video, […]

Good News Fridays: We (Southerners) Suck In Colder Weather

So, many people in the south hates Winter weather.  And despises driving inthe  snow and ice.  And anytime we see pictures of people stuck in the ice and snow.  Or see videos […]

This Parody Video Shows Us Why Smart Watches Are A Waste Of Time

As most people expect, Apple might be coming out with an iWatch soon, so the YouTube channel Matthias came out with a video depicting what the iWatch could be like, including the NSA spying, […]

Music Thursdays: Doctor Who Musical Parody From The Hillywood Show

Yep, someone made an excellent parody of Doctor Who and turned it into a musical!  The YouTube channel The Hillywood Show took the tenth doctor from Doctor Who, David Tennant, and took the song “Time […]

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