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Good News Fridays: Loopy Doopy Land

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As you all know, this $3.5 billion theme park coming to Muscle Shoals has a lot of skeptics!  And you knew it would not be long until someone parodied the whole thing, well here you go!  The YouTube channel Dustin Timbrook took the concept of a theme park for Muscle Shoals, and turned it around to what Huntsville could be soon getting called Loopy Doopy Land.  These folks from the fictional Future Tomorrow Company even held a fake news conference announcing the project!

And yes, the video does feature a hand-drawn pig named Loopy Doopy, and friends.  And of course you see the hand drawn animals placed over classic Disney movies!  The fictional park would be in Big Spring Park in Huntsville, and would have things like hot dog stairs, the world’s longest candy cane, misting stations filled with Pepsi, rainbow park, the snake sanctuary, a scale model version of London, the world’s longest water slide from the Moon to Earth, Heaven Haven with Wi-fi, gazebo hat town, and more.

Well, if the people at DreamVision hve a big imagination about something that will most likely never be built, Dustin can have a big imagination as well!  Enjoy the video!

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