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Here Is How You Can Post Photos From Instagram On Twitter


It used to be different, when you posted a picture on Instagram, a real picture would also be posted to Twitter.  Today, when you post a picture to Instagram, a real picture shows up on Facebook, Flickr, and Tumblr.  But on Twitter, you just get a link to your picture on Instagram, and it’s annoying!  But, there is a wonderful and quick way to get around this problem!  So, you go from posting Instagram links on Twitter.

To posting real pictures from Instagram on Twitter.

To start, go to IFTTT at:  Sign up an account and search for Twitter and Instagram.  You will find several recipes to post Instagram pictures as real pictures to Twitter!  Select a recipe and link your Twitter and Instagram accounts.


Once everything is linked, you are all set!  When you post a picture to Instagram, several minutes later, a real picture from your Instagram pic will appear on your Twitter as a real picture.  You don’t even have to select Twitter on your Instagram when posting a picture, the recipe will automatically find the picture and post it to Twitter.  And since the same link thing happens with Tumblr.  I have another recipe to post my Tumblr pictures as real pictures on Twitter, and not links.

What I do, I continue to post the Instagram link to my Twitter to get more followers on my Instagram.  But several minutes later, you get to see a real Twitter photo.  And this is what Twitter wants, because they are getting tired of only seeing Instagram and Tumblr links instead of pictures.

By the way, there are thousands more recipes you can use in IFTTT!  To learn more and to get started, go to:

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