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This post is about the Back Forty Beer Company Kickstarter project.  I attended the Front Porch Revival back in April 2012 at Back Forty.  Click on the link to view the photos.

In Gadsden Alabama there is an awesome micro-brewery called Back Forty Beer Company.  Thanks to Free the Hops changing the brewery and alcohol content laws in Alabama.  Back Forty Beer began production in June of 2009 with their first offering, Naked Pig Pale Ale. And in March of 2010 they released their second offering, Truck Stop Honey Brown Ale. Later that year Truck Stop Honey was awarded a Silver Medal at the Great American Beer Festival, and in the weeks following the award they were approached with distribution offers that would allow them to expand their coverage throughout Alabama.  They eventually got a small business loan and a facility in downtown Gadsden Alabama and began production in January 2012.  Here is a video touring the production area.

Today the beer from Back Forty Beer Company is distributed in three states but they are being approached to distribute their beer all over the country!  Since opening the brewery eleven months ago, they have tripled their capacity.  Back Forty now employs 22 talented individuals from all over the country, and the goal is to reach 50 team members by December of 2013.  The operation donates over $10,000 a year to local charities and continues to increase their involvement in local organizations that focus on the artists and dreamers that are working hard to change the cultural landscape in Alabama and beyond.

The beer is very popular and it sells out often.  And Back Forty Beer Company needs additional capacity to allow them to brew and sell more beer.  The challenges they face with craft beer in Alabama are exciting.  Nobody in Alabama has found the ceiling of craft beer.  They have tripled their capacity since opening the brewery, and this campaign is about adding even more.  The challenge is seeing just how much of an impact Alabama and the Deep South can have on craft beer.  Back Forty is running a Kickstarter campaign to raise funding to add another fermenter to the warehouse.

Back Forty is also rewarding backers with limited edition 11″ x 14″ prints of the metal etchings featured on each of their beer labels.


Some of the pledge awards includes limited edition 11″ x 14″ prints, pint glasses, t-shirts, bumper stickers, wooden tap handles, whiskey barrels, be a brewer for a day, dinner with the founder Jason Wilson, naming of a seasonal brew after you, naming the fermenter, designing and brewing your own brew, and even a beer dinner with the staff.  Right now (as of December 12th) they have only raised $6,300 of the $15,000 needed.  And they only have until Saturday December 15th at 11:59 pm central to raise the $15,000.

If you know how Kickstarter works, no project is funded unless the project meets its fundraising goals.  So if Back Forty Beer Company does not get the $15,000 they need they will get nothing!  The craft beer industry in Alabama is exploding!  Please help Back Forty Beer Company expand their operations.  I wish I could help but I have been unemployed for 17 months now.

Click on the link to donate!  And enjoy their Kickstarter Video!


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