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Budweiser’s Lost Dog Super Bowl Ad Is The Right Way To Do An Puppy Ad



Well Budweiser, you had me tear up again with your 2015 Super Bowl ad.  This year’s ad features a young puppy who escapes from a ranch in a back of a trailer, then gets out of the trailer in the city.  The rancher does a good job trying to find the puppy, but the puppy somehow finds his way back home, only to be threatened by a wolf.  Thankfully, the Clydesdale horses hears the cries from the puppy, and runs out to scare the wolf away.  The last part with the puppy running back home with the horses and seeing the smile from the rancher is amazing!  Thank you Budweiser for this great ad!  Note to GoDaddy, this is how you do a puppy Super Bowl ad, enjoy!

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