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Congrats GoDaddy For Making The Most Controversial Super Bowl Ad Ever


Hey GoDaddy, when you did get the brilliant idea to put a knife through the hearts of all animal lovers everywhere?  If you have not seen it yet, prepare yourselves for a very controversial Super Bowl ad you will see during the big game.  The ad is sad at first, seeing a puppy named Buddy fall out of the back of a pickup truck, which is wrong to begin with.  Then, Buddy goes in search of his home, and he finally arrives back home.  Only to be backstabbed and sold to GoDaddy and Danica Patrick in a van.  Yeah, this is a tasteless and stupid ad.

Oh boy, what was GoDaddy thinking when they greenlighted this ad?  You know there are millions and millions of animal lovers across America and the world.  What Budweiser does with their animal ads are heartwarming and awesome to watch.  What GoDaddy did with this ad was horrid, shameful, and wrong!  I mean, we should be encouraging people to adopt dogs from animal shelters, not buying animals from animal breeders who mostly work in bad conditions.  If GoDaddy did an ad featuring Danica getting a puppy from an animal shelter, it would be a different story.  But this went too far!

Thankfully, Go Daddy has some sense!  CEO Blake Irving sent out a tweet to The SPCA saying GoDaddy will not air the Super Bowl Ad.

But, in the minds of many animal lovers across the world, it’s too little too late.  Several animal lovers I know are already pulling everything off of GoDaddy.  And, there is even a Change.Org petition to not air this ad.  When you see some of the tweets below from animal lovers talking about how bad this ad was with the hashtag #GoDaddyPuppy, maybe you will understand why GoDaddy made a horrible decision with this ad.

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