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View The Geek Alabama’s Top 15 Super Bowl Ads 2015 Presentation And Video

So, I have been doing other things today and will be catching up on Wednesday!  But for now, I want you to enjoy my latest presentation and video highlighting my top 15 […]

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Geek Alabama’s Top 15 Super Bowl Ads Of 2015

Overall, I thought the game was great.  I mean, we had the best play in NFL history, followed by the worst play in NFL history, followed by a fight.  As for the […]

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Good News Fridays: McDonald’s Pay With Lovin’ Campaign

As you all know, McDonald’s has faced some struggles with lower sales and revenues over the past year.  So, McDonald’s is trying something new!  And at my local McDonald’s, they are already […]

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Watch The Snickers Brady Bunch Super Bowl Ad With Danny Trejo And Steve Buscemi

Yep, this was one of those Super Bowl ads I was looking forward too!  Just like mostly everyone else, Snickers released their 2015 Super Bowl ad early, and it’s worth an look […]

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Budweiser’s Lost Dog Super Bowl Ad Is The Right Way To Do An Puppy Ad

  Well Budweiser, you had me tear up again with your 2015 Super Bowl ad.  This year’s ad features a young puppy who escapes from a ranch in a back of a […]

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Congrats GoDaddy For Making The Most Controversial Super Bowl Ad Ever

Hey GoDaddy, when you did get the brilliant idea to put a knife through the hearts of all animal lovers everywhere?  If you have not seen it yet, prepare yourselves for a […]

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Geek Alabama’s Top 2014 Super Bowl Ads

This year, I thought many of the Super Bowl ads were lackluster!  Is it the economy, or did the makers of the commercials thought this game was going to be a blowout? […]

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Geek Alabama’s Top 2013 Super Bowl Ads

Many people watch the Super Bowl each year.  And admit it; how many you only watch for the commercials.  This year; the Super Bowl ads were hit and miss.  Some pulled the heart-strings […]

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