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Music Thursdays: Come Back Alice’s New Music Video Coraline

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This week on Music Thursdays, I am talking about a gypsy band that released a new music video that you need to hear!  Come Back Alice is a gypsy band from Florida consisting of band members Tony Tyler (lead vocalist/guitar), Dani Jaye (vocals, violin, guitar), John Werner (bass) and Yral Morris (drums).  They all bring their diverse style to the band and they are all bringing their unique sounds to the music industry, which has gotten more diverse over the past few years.

Come Back Alice has toured all across Florida and the southeast.  And not only they bring some unique and great sounding music, they also bring some lively stage productions as well. If you go to see Come Back Alice at two different shows, you will not see the same show twice!  The southern gypsy band has just released their latest single called “Coraline.”  The music video was filmed in Florida by Lightwave Media and features an almost fairy-tale themed visual of Coraline sweeping through various scenes, seemingly following a path of destined destruction. The video captures its antagonist trying to lure Coraline with unsuspecting obstacles and she tries to rob Coraline of her beauty.

I was contacted via e-mail about the band and their new music video.  And I enjoyed this music video, it was very professional and features a lot of people in classic clothing.  Lots of twists and turns in the music video will have you guessing what happens next.  A lot of people think Come Back Alice will be growing a lot in 2015, and I hope they do, they have some good music!  Hopefully the band will soon make their way up to Alabama.  Enjoy the music video below!

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