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The Georgina Chronicles: Car Love and Cats

The last time I went up to my mom’s house for Thanksgiving.  Georgina the dog was there waiting for me!  When I backed up my car up and opened the door.  There she was wanting some love!

After I got out of my car Georgina followed me around wanting more love!  I went to the front porch which was covered with leaves.  Georgina’s tail could be used as a broom!

After I sat down to love Georgina.  King Tut the cat came for love as well.  Georgina does not like seeing the cat around when I am loving her.  It’s kind of hard loving both the dog and cat at the same time!

After I went inside.  I had to keep Georgina from the kitchen.  She was thinking of all those yum-yums she could eat!  She will lay right in the middle of the kitchen while something is cooking.  And yes; they also have a pet rabbit and the dog treats the rabbit like a baby!

Yes; she got ham and turkey!

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