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Here Is What I Want For Christmas Day 2018

So with one week left until Christmas Day, I have thought about what I want for Christmas Day.  I admit, I am hard for others to decide what to get for me […]

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Christmas 2014 With My Mom’s Pets

  Christmas 2014 day was a good day at my mom’s house!  We did not have much gifts this year.  I gave a set of Big Bang Theory glasses, black light and […]

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Christmas 2013 With Family

  On Christmas Day I went to my mom’s house.  The only difference is it’s a new house.  They moved during the Thanksgiving Holiday.  Christmas was a cool and very sunny day!  Some of […]

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Mobile Alabama Tornado Videos

On Christmas Day several tornadoes tore through the deep south.  In Alabama several counties in south Alabama experienced damage from the tornadoes.  The biggest tornado so far that is rated was in […]

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Christmas 2012 With Family

  Yes on Christmas Day I went to my mom’s house.  Christmas did feature a couple of tornadoes in south Alabama but in Ragland, AL we just got some rain and storms. […]

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