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Help Tigers For Tomorrow And Noah’s Ark Animal Sanctuary For Christmas

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The two favorite animal sanctuaries me Nathan Young and Geek Alabama enjoys are Tigers for Tomorrow up in Etowah County, Alabama and Noah’s Ark Animal Sanctuary down in Locust Grove, Georgia.  And both sanctuaries needs your help during the 2014 Christmas season!  Let’s start with Tigers for Tomorrow, who are requesting special donations to give all the animals special stockings for Christmas.  Every year they decorate the animals home with Christmas stockings. You can choose your favorite animal and give them another reason to celebrate the Holidays!  Each stocking is $20, and it goes to help operate the park and feed the animals.


Many of the animals now have a stocking for Christmas, but a few are still waiting for their special Christmas stocking!  And yes, you still have time to make sure all the animals at Tigers for Tomorrow has a stocking for Christmas!  All stockings are placed on the fence in front of the animals habitat.  All funds raised on this and all Tigers For Tomorrow fundraisers go towards the care of the animals. The staff from Tigers for Tomorrow thanks you for your support!  To purchase and donate a Christmas stocking, go to:

Keep up with the animals who have or don’t have Christmas stockings at:

And now for Noah’s Ark Animal Sanctuary!  Each year, the center gives Christmas trees to the animals, unless they are toxic to them.  Just check out a few of the great photos from their Facebook page!


So, did you know it costs roughly $33,000 every month to feed and care for the animals at Noah’s Ark Animal Sanctuary?  With over 1500 animals from 100 species, that’s a lot of food to buy, store, prepare,  and feed each day! Everything from alligators to zeedonks find refuge at Noah’s Ark, and they all need the right diet to remain healthy and happy. This holiday season, they are running a CrowdRise Holiday Fundraiser, which will help them build a desperately needed nutrition center for their animals.

In this year alone, Noah’s Ark has turned away 7 bears, 5 tigers, 1 lion and 8 wolves. More often than not, these animals cannot be integrated into existing habitats with members of their own species because they are advanced in age, in poor health, and have never known what it is like to live in a large, natural environment with members of their own species. For their safety, the safety of their keepers, and the welfare of their current animal residents, it is best if these new, special needs rescues have their own enclosures specially designed to meet their unique needs. This means having temperature controlled indoor areas for their comfort as well as where medical procedures can be carried out, level terrain and shallow pools for their medical needs. In addition to their habitats, they also desperately need to finish the nutrition center in order to properly store and prepare their specialized diets, as well as the diets of the 1500 other animal residents from over 100 species that call Noah’s Ark home.

The animals in most dire need of their loving care are also the highest maintenance. This holiday season please show your support for the animals by donating toward their specialized habitats and nutrition center. Your gifts make it possible to properly care for the special needs that years of abuse and neglect have caused incredible creatures. They cannot do this without you!  So, if you want to donate to their CrowdRise campaign, go to:

Learn more at: or

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