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Animation Monday: Phantom Power, Sausage, Looper, La Detente, All I’m Saying

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This week on Animation Monday, I am featuring a few more animated short films and animated music videos that were a joy to watch!

Phantom Power

The Vimeo channel  takes you on a broken relationship.  In this music video, a man travels to a secluded clearing in the woods and opens portals to his past in order to reflect on his relationship.  The animation was very sweet, too bad the guy wanted to erase his past relationship.


In this video from the Vimeo channel , you see three small businesses competing for the business of the people in a town square.  What happens when two small businesses run by a man and women runs into another small business operated by buttons, and mass produces everything, watch below!


This video from the Vimeo channel  features a lot of swift moving animation.  I think you will enjoy it!

La Detente

In this video from the Vimeo channel , you will see what one person in World War I thinks in his head while in the trenches.  What if toys thought in wars instead of humans, enjoy this great animated video below!  The ending will really shock you!

James – All I’m Saying

This video from the Vimeo channel  features a man who goes on a quest to find the spirit of a woman to whom he could never say goodbye.  The best thing is this person made the video in three weeks!

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