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Aspie Reviews: Conecuh Sausage Vs. Monroe Sausage

Time for a Alabama sausage taste battle!  Down in south Alabama, the two most well-known sausage places are Conecuh Sausage and Monroe Sausage.  On this Aspie Reviews, I picked up a package of […]

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Food Review: Polk’s Meat Products

Over the weekend at my local Winn-Dixie, someone was giving out free food samples, I love those free food samples!  The food samples was from a meat company in Mississippi called Polk’s […]

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Animation Monday: Phantom Power, Sausage, Looper, La Detente, All I’m Saying

This week on Animation Monday, I am featuring a few more animated short films and animated music videos that were a joy to watch! Phantom Power The Vimeo channel Persistent Peril takes you on […]

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Aspie Recipes: Breakfast Cupcakes With Bacon And Sausage

Who is ready for something different in the mornings?  Are you looking for something quick and easy for breakfast during the week? Several people rush to get to work or school every […]

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Aspie Recipes: Crock Pot Lasagna With Beef and Sausage

Here is another recipe cooked in the trusty crock pot!  Lasagna is one of those comfort foods that many people enjoy when the weather turns cooler.  And I wanted to make a […]

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Aspie Recipes: Making Homemade Breakfast Pizza

Happy Valentine’s Day!  Lately there has been a spike of breakfast pizza recipe searches on the search engines. So I decided to make my own version of breakfast pizza!  I made my own crust […]

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