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Explore The Dark Side Of Instagram With No Likes Yet


Are you on Instagram?  Are you frustrated that your picture has no likes.  Don’t feel bad, many pictures on Instagram will never get any likes.  Like one of my many Instagram photos, I thought this should have gotten a like or two.

Now, there is a new tool called No Likes Yet.  This website requires that you authorize the linking of your Instagram account and the website.  Once linked, you will land on The World, which shows Instagram photos from various users.  You can click refresh, and find an all new set of photos.  You simply click the photo, and once clicked, you like the photo and the photo disappears.


Click on my friends photos, and you see all of the Instagram photos from your Instagram friends.  Once again, click on the photo and you like it, and the photo leaves the website for good!  When you hover your mouse cursor over the photo, you get a clever message inside an orange heart.


Click on my photos, and see your photos without any likes.  If you think you can like your own photos, that will not happen!  But you can share your photo on Facebook and Twitter.


No Likes Yet brings you to the dark side of Instagram, the photos with no likes!  So, if you want to help take photos out of the wrong side of Instagram, log on to No Likes Yet.  To get started, go to:

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