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Watch The Full Medal Of Honor Ceremony Of Bennie Adkins And Donald Sloat


Today at the White House, the Medal of Honor was given to Army Command Sgt. Maj. Bennie G. Adkins and Army Spc. Donald P. Sloat for their actions of bravely during the Vietnam War.  Normally, recommendations typically must be made within two years of the act of heroism, and the medal presented within three.  But Congress granted an exemption, and today two heroes got their award.  And gladly, one of these heroes is from Alabama and lives in Opelika.

Below from the PBS Newshour, is the full medal ceremony of both gentlemen.  And yes, you heard some War Eagle! in the ceremony!

And below from the White House, is a video where they go behind the scenes during a Medal of Honor ceremony.  Very interesting!

Read the story of Bennie Adkins from AL.com here.  And thank you both for your service!

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