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Sunday Discussion: John Oliver’s Native Advertising Video

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On this Sunday Discussion, I am pointing you to the YouTube channel Last Week Tonight with John Oliver.  In this video below, John Oliver nails the talk about Native Advertising.  Native Advertising is where advertisements are disguised as legitimate news stories in mainstream print and online news media.  It’s an insidious and disturbing trend, and one that has to undermine what little trust the public has left in our journalistic institutions.

Everytime you read an article or watch a show, do you notice that something might be sponsored?  That is Native Advertising.  Since media companies are losing money to do actual journalism, they have to turn to Native Advertising to make up the difference, and soon you will probably see more Native Advertising, since more revenue is going down.  I loved how John Oliver ended the video, every time advertising sneaks into our news and ruins it, our news should be able to sneak into their advertising.  Enjoy the video!

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