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Help The Alabama State Troopers Win The Best Looking Cruiser Contest


Some people might not like the State Troopers, but they are around to protect the public from bad things.  The Alabama State Troopers is in a contest to feature one of their vehicles on the front cover of a popular newsletter.  The American Association of State Troopers is holding the first-ever Best Looking Cruiser contest, and 49 states are participating in this contest, including Alabama!


The Alabama State Troopers have a Chevy Tahoe in the running, and you can help them win this contest!  To help the State Troopers win, go to The American Association of State Troopers Facebook page and “Like” the Chevy Tahoe!  The winner gets their vehicle featured on the AAST’s Trooper Connection newsletter.  You have until July 15th to vote, so vote right now by clicking here or on the picture above!

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