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Sunday Discussion: What Kind Of Man, Sea Chair, Hair Highway, The Ins and Outs of In-N-Out

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This week for a Sunday Discussion, I am presenting four documentary films recently released that I really liked!  And since everyone will be fixated on the World Cup, I thought something simple would be great this week!

What Kind Of Man

This film from the Vimeo channel  is about balance and contentment.  About loving something and having to let it go. What Kind of Man, follows Nate Brinkley, a career football player that gets the life knocked into him.  If you like football and some great character development, this is a great video!

Sea Chair

This film from the Vimeo channel  is about collecting plastic out of the Pacific Ocean to make a chair on a fishing boat.  You see, Sea Chair is made entirely from plastic recovered from our oceans.  Since the discovery of the Pacific Garbage Patch in 1997, which is predicted to measure twice the size of Texas, five more have been found across the world’s oceans with the Atlantic gyre predicted to be even larger. This plastic takes thousands of years to degrade, remaining in the environment to be broken up into ever smaller fragments by ocean currents.

So, this film raises awareness of careless humans polluting our environment by throwing plastic into the water which goes into the oceans.  This was an interesting film and a really big chair!

Hair Highway

This film also from the Vimeo channel  is about using human hair as an alternative to diminishing natural materials?  Studio Swine traveled along the Hair Highway to explore the hair trade and its potential as a future resource.  Hair Highway is a contemporary take on the ancient Silk Road which transported not only silk but also technologies, aesthetics and ideas between East and West. Investigating the global hair industry in the Shandong province of China, Studio Swine followed the journey of the material from the people who sell their hair through to the hair merchants, markets and factories. The project documents this journey in a film and a collection of highly decorative objects.

The Ins and Outs of In-N-Out

The Vimeo channel  gave everyone something to drool over because the burgers at In-N-Out are that good!  In this short film, it’s like a What Would Jesus Do bracelet, only a film, and more burgers.  Yep, this film will make you hungry!

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