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Good News Fridays: Cleveland Rocks Again In The Sports World

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Today was a good day for me!  You see, I was born around Akron and Hudson in NE Ohio, so I closely follow the Cleveland area pro sports teams.  And lately, all of the teams have sucked!  Now, that LeBron James is heading back to the Cleveland Cavaliers, it’s time to celebrate!

Now, the Cleveland Cavaliers are going to win a championship, in my opinion, within the next five years.  The other Cleveland sports teams are also coming back!  The Cleveland Indians have a great team and should make the MLB playoffs later this year.  And the Cleveland Browns got Johnny Manziel, and should do well in the NFL too!  For too long, the sports fans in Cleveland have struggled with bad sports teams, but I think I see the light at the end of the tunnel!

I am glad to see the owners of the Cleveland sports teams become serious, and are now actually wanting to bring home a championship and end the fans suffering with year after year of sports failures.  Even though I don’t live in Cleveland or NE Ohio and live in Alabama, I still have my brother and other relatives living in NE Ohio, so I still care about the sports teams up there!

One thing is for sure, I am happy that the fans can now celebrate, and know that within the next five years, I think you will be able to throw that victory parade you dreamed of!  It’s time for Cleveland to rock again, Cleveland rocks ladies and gentlemen!

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