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Why The Re-Modeling Of The Powell Avenue Steam Plant Is Great For Birmingham


This week, Alabama Power announced something very cool for downtown Birmingham!  Alabama Power is taking the old Powell Avenue Steam Plant and turning it into a major hub for activity around the Railroad Park area of Downtown Birmingham.  The former industrial plant is going to be turned into a entertainment and cultural center just across from Railroad Park and near the upcoming Rotary Trail.  The center might include restaurants, entertainment space, stores, and even a museum.  Here is a video from Alabama Power highlighting what they want to do.

In Alabama Power’s view, The Powell Avenue Steam Plant has been a fixture on Birmingham’s skyline for over a century.  Reimagined, it can become a part of the city’s transformation by becoming a thriving and diverse destination.  A place where creativity and innovation combine to generate economic energy for the future of Birmingham.  And I agree!  If you have not been to Downtown Birmingham lately, you need to go back and see the changes that have already taken place.


For example, Railroad Park has become a top destination for people and families, Region Field has become a very popular baseball park with great attendance at each game, McWane Science Center is a top science museum in America, and this is just the beginning.  The Entertainment District near the BJCC is growing and soon will become a top destination for nightlife in the city.  And many buildings that were once empty and falling apart, are now becoming re-modeled or re-built to house businesses and homes.  And with that, people are coming back to live in Downtown Birmingham!


Yes, some parts of the City of Birmingham have some violence problems, but violence is not a problem in the downtown area.  Yes, some violence happens, but it can happen at any city anywhere in America.  I am glad to see an outdated and closed down steam plant being re-purposed for today’s times, it was closed down in 2013, but soon will come back to life to serve the people of Birmingham.  Alabama Power is supporting economic development and ongoing revitalization of Birmingham, and I am glad it is happening!  The naysayers who say Birmingham is dangerous needs to go to downtown and see for themselves!

Learn more at: http://powellsteamplant.com/

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