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The Starbucks College Achievement Plan, A Huge Step Forward For Companies


In a land of companies taking advantage of their employees like having low working hours, low pay, no insurance, and my favorite, working as a contractor, companies are trying to do some good for their employees!  Enter, Starbucks Coffee, where CEO Howard Schultz announced that employees working at Starbucks would be eligible to get two years of college, free!  Starbucks already offers health insurance to all of their employees, gives their employees stock options, and the CEO back a minimum wage hike.  Now, Starbucks is going to foot the bill for two years of college through online courses, it’s a huge move!

Here are the details, Starbucks has started a partnership with Arizona State University’s online studies program.  Employees can choose any of more than 40 undergraduate degrees, and aren’t limited to only business classes.  The tuition reimbursement benefit is equal to about $30,000 per employee.  And here is the best part, there are no strings attached!  Meaning, employees will not be required to stay with Starbucks after earning their degree.  While enrolled in the online program, Arizona State University will provide enrollment, financial aid, and academic advisers to help students stay with the program.

Let me say this, this is an incredible move for Starbucks!  For the ones who don’t have a college degree, they will be able to get a Bachelor’s Degree now.  And for the ones who have a Bachelor’s, they can get their four-year degree!  The program is open to all employees in the United States who work more than 20 hours a week, and have the grades and test scores to gain admission to Arizona State.  Even for the ones who need more than two years to get a degree, they will still get most of their tuition for free, thanks to government help and aid.  CEO Howard Schultz says in the video that business leaders must do more for their people and communities they serve, and I agree 100%!

I hope this move by Starbucks will spur other companies to give free college for two years to their employees as well.  Yes, Starbucks knows that their partners might leave for a better paying job and career after getting their degree. But these people will have a better life, contribute to their community and economy, and yes, come back to Starbucks to get a coffee drink.  Howard Schultz believes the plan will lower attrition, increase performance, and attract and retain better people.  So, thank you Starbucks for starting the Starbucks College Achievement Plan, learn more at:

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