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Sunday Discussion: Is College Still Worth It? | Patriot Act With Hasan Minhaj

Yes, is going to college really still worth it?  I mean, from the extremely high costs and how universities have become corporatized over the past few decades.  Is college still worth it […]

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Starting Your Career On The Right Note After College

It’s a part of life that we can dread and be excited by in equal measure. When we’ve gone to college, and been through the education system, we can get out into […]

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Good News Fridays: Brad Paisley Celebrates College Mascots In Country Nation

Brad Paisley has dropped a new music video just in time for the 2015 kickoff to the college football season!  In his latest music video called “Country Nation”, you see a number […]

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Sunday Discussion: Why We Need To Revamp The 12th Grade

On this Sunday Discussion, I wanted to talk about something that might need to change. You see, public schooling today goes from Pre-K, all the way through the 12th grade. Yes, starting […]

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The Starbucks College Achievement Plan, A Huge Step Forward For Companies

In a land of companies taking advantage of their employees like having low working hours, low pay, no insurance, and my favorite, working as a contractor, companies are trying to do some […]

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Animation Monday: Monsters University

When you watch any college sports on ESPN, you will see a promotional commercial from both schools playing in the game you are watching.  So when I saw this commercial during the BCS championship game, […]

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Sunday Discussion: Life With Asperger’s

  Read more about my personal life by clicking the link below. http://geekalabama.com/2012/07/02/dr-phil-i-need-a-real-life-do-over/ There has been a lot of news lately that has related to autism and Asperger’s.  The Aurora, CO shooter has […]

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Sunday Discussion: Young Worker Crisis

I read this article from the Associated Press about why younger people (Millennials) are having a very hard time right now finding work.  Even the ones with college degrees are having a […]

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