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Two Freaky New Mascots To Make You Laugh Hard


This week, two brand new mascots have made the news, in not a very good way.  McDonald’s and Lemonhead have featured new mascots for their products.  And let’s just say, things are going to be creepy!  The first mascot from McDonald’s is for their Happy Meals.  The mascot is named “Happy,” and is an anthropomorphic box with a huge set of teeth.  McDonald’s says the mascot will bring “fun and excitement” to kids meals and be an ambassador for balanced and wholesome eating.  This mascot has been in France since 2009, and now is being expanded worldwide.

The other new mascot from Lemonhead is a giant lemon head with human eyes, mouth, nose, ears, and hair.

The Ferrara Candy Co. says the packaging and mascot upgrade was meant to attract a younger audience.  But I don’t know, I guess younger kids will enjoy both of these new mascots.  But for adults, I think both mascots are just plain too creepy and will give you a great laugh!  What do you think?  Leave a comment below!

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