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TV Reviews: Riot, The Carbonaro Effect, #BikerLive

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On this TV Reviews post, I am reviewing three shows that have recently premiered on TV.  One show is boring, one show is for the macho guys and gals, and the other show is about a lot of pranks!



Riot is a new show on FOX that premiered this week, and after watching the first episode, I thought the show was very boring!  The show is based on a show from Australia called Slide Show, and I guess the people from Australia likes this show, because the people in America ignored this show, the first episode only had around 1.34 million people tuning in, not good for primetime TV!  Riot is trying to copy the Whose Line Is It Anyway? format on The CW, at least that show features some great comedians and laughter, because Riot was trying way too hard to get any laughs from me.

The show features two teams of celebrities, and the challenges included a set at a 22 1/2 degree angle, a room that is completely dark, acting behind a screen, making letters out of people’s bodies, being hit by a wrecking ball, and others.  Andy Buckley and Steve Carell were the special guest comedians in the first episode, and them along with the teams had some fun playing some games and trying to be funny, but it did not deliver.  Riot was the network’s lowest-rated premiere ever, and it should be buried and the tapes burned, because this show does not belong on primetime TV!  Learn more about Riot at:

The Carbonaro Effect


Remember Michael Carbonaro, the magician who was on The Tonight Show With Jay Leno, and was that magic clerk.  Here is a video of his funny work!

Now, Michael Carbonaro has a new show on TruTV called The Carbonaro Effect.  In each episode, Michael is seen in various locations like bars, restaurants, retail stores, and other places.  And his mission is to prank unsuspecting people.  Michael uses a lot of magic, acting, and hidden cameras to fool people, and most people are shocked when Michael uses his magic skills on them.  I watched the sneak preview of The Carbonaro Effect on TBS this week, and I thought the show was pretty entertaining.  And a 30 minute show is a great format for a show like this.

Carbonaro uses his skills to trick, amaze, and amuse the unsuspecting public in each episode.  My only question is, have people seen this guy before?  I mean, he was very popular while Jay Leno was hosting The Tonight Show.  And after enough episodes of The Carbonaro Effect airs, and people knows who this guy is, the show is going to have to get creative to disguise Michael Carbonaro so people don’t know it’s him.  Anyways, I enjoyed the hidden camera footage and the people’s reactions were funny!  New episodes of The Carbonaro Effect airs on Thursday night on TruTV.  To learn more go to:



Discovery Channel has this new show called #BikerLive.  Yes, the hashtag is a major part of this show.  In each episode, three bike shops are given $15,000 and five weeks to build a custom motorcycle to be featured in the show.  In each episode, the building process is highlighted from all three teams in the one hour, and while you see the building process, there are live cut-ins and live voting updates.  Yes, while you watch the building of the bikes, you see tweet and voting updates, and at the end of each episode, the team with the most votes is declared the winner, and gets a trophy.  Basically, teams are wanting to build the biggest and baddest bike to win!

Basically, this show is for people who really love motorcycles and cars, and in the south, there are a lot of people who loves anything with motors in them!  You get to see the teams highlight how they build their custom bikes, from the design, testing, and overall design looks.  And the teams are pumped up to be on live TV and encouraging the viewers to vote for their bikes.  But judging by some of the reactions I have seen on social media, most people are complaining about too much drama and not enough building action.  We will see if future episodes will tone down the drama, we have too much of that on TV these days.  New episodes of Biker Live airs on Monday nights on Discovery Channel.  For more info. go to:

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