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TV Reviews: Kitchen Casino, None Of The Above, The Numbers Game

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On this latest TV Reviews post, I am talking about three new shows to enter the cable landscape.  One of the shows is something I never got, while the other two shows are good shows.  Let’s go!

Kitchen Casino


Yeah, I watched the first episode of the newest Food Network show called Kitchen Casino.  The show is hosted by Bill Rancic, and it features four chefs trying to win as much as $30,000.  The first round features a slot machine where Bill spins and the machine reveals three categories — cuisine, ingredient and theme –- which must inspire their dish for the 30-minute round.  And for a curveball, the slot is rolled again during the cooking time and three more things must be incorporated into a dish.  During the tasting, two judges assign a score from 1 to 5 for the dish they are tasting.  And after each round, the chef with the lowest score goes bust.

In round two, the remaining three contestants have 40 minutes to prepare a dish using the same assigned protein from the previous round, but with a game-changing twist.  During this round the kitchen stations spin like a roulette wheel leaving the chefs in front of a new station to continue cooking.  The wheel spins and the chefs are judged by the dish that ends up in front of them at the end of the round.  I really do not like this round, mostly because a chef should present whatever he or she is cooking when they start the round.  Sending a chef home because someone else started it, this sounds like Cutthroat Kitchen.  In the first episode, the wheel spun three times, and the chefs got to experience each station once before landing back at the station they started with.

In the third round called Chef Poker, Bill reveals three ingredients on a poker table that must be used.  The two remaining chefs gets two other ingredient cards, but have a option to trade in one or both of their cards for new ingredients, only once.  After the final round, the winning chef’s final score is converted into money, for example, a score of 7 means $7,000.  The chef could cash out or spin a wheel with spaces like lose everything, mystery space, jackpot, and extra money.  In the first episode, the chef won $7,000 plus $5,000 after landing on a mystery spot.  Overall, I thought this show was trying way too hard to be successful.


My concerns, in the first round, are the slots truly random or already chosen before taping the show?  In the second round, it’s not right for a chef to end up with someone else’s dish.  That is way too confusing and not sanitary as well, because chefs have to taste everything.  In the third round, that poker game went way too quick.  I wish there was an option to switch the three cards laid out.  Overall, this is another lame attempt by Food Network to put something out there that is not mostly about cooking.  Food Network’s ratings are down 7% from last year, gee I wonder why?  Did you also hear that Food Network is coming out with Rewrapped, that features chefs trying to re-create iconic junk foods such as Twinkies, I wonder how that will go?

Learn more about Kitchen Casino at:

None Of The Above


National Geographic Channel previewed a few episodes before the official launch of None of the Above earlier this year.  None of the Above is hosted by Tim Shaw and he challenges viewers to predict the outcome of spectacular experiments before breaking down the science behind the always-surprising results.  These man-on-the-street experiments involve physics and engineering and will blow your mind or at least make you hold your breath.  In each episode of None of the Above, what will happen next is just a matter of science. Tim takes his own irreverent brand of science and engineering to the streets as he shows us that the real world around us is far more impressive than any magic trick or illusion.


What I like about this show is science is used before the viewers sees what happens in each experiment and/or stunt.  Everyday things are tested like an ice cold beer bottle, frying a turkey, BBQ with tin foil, using a Tesla coil, using a microwave and flour to rescue ice cream, and much, much more!  This show is great for the entire family for one reason, you are going to learn a lot when watching None of the Above.  You also get a chance to play along when the host puts up possible answers before doing an experiment.  I feel like I learned something after I watched this show, and I am glad Nat Geo is airing this!  Learn more about None of the Above at:  Enjoy an episode below!

The Numbers Game


Another show airing on National Geographic Channel is The Numbers Game.  This show is hosted by Jake Porway and will reveal the surprising and fascinating statistical science at work behind everyday situations. The series explores the topics of toughness, superstition, skepticism, lying and desirability, among others, through mind-bending statistics, hilarious man-on-the-street experiments, and interactive game play.  Basically, this show will have a lot of numbers revealed!  These numbers are great because you will learn something and it might improve your life at the same time!


Some of the episodes so far have talked about the odds of you volunteering and helping someone else, preventing you from being a sucker and pranked, science of desirability, and much more!  This show also allows the viewer to play along and answer some interesting questions, that are also sometimes put to the test.  The Numbers Game is a great companion to None of the Above and something worth watching on Monday nights!  Learn more about The Numbers Game at:  Enjoy an episode below!

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  1. I agree – kitchen casino was so painful to watch. Did you catch that Bill kept talking about gravity with the kitchen spinning? Seriously? Gravity has nothing to do with spinning.

    Also, there were 3 players and four spots in the spinning kitchen. It’s impossible to spin a wheel with 4 kitchens and 3 players and land on anything but the same exact stations. That’s why they did not ever show the wheel stop – because they had to actually move people around to make the stations work.

    I didn’t like the electronic slot machine…it looked like it wasn’t random at all. Felt like it was simply predetermined by the show.

    I’m a sucker for cooking shows and I can’t fathom watching another episode.

    Prediction: cancelled within 1 season!

  2. I agree with everything you said! This show is another attempt by Food Network to stray away from their core mission, cooking. I guess their ratings will continue to fall as well. Thanks for commenting!

  3. I watched the breakfast show Kitchen Casino, The first round one contestants plate looked all one color and didnt look apitizing, he dint use all the required ingredients, and he made it to the second round, and all the other contestans followed the rules, Are those 2 judges related to him, or doese he work for them or is he in a relationship with one of them, or is the show rigged, I cant tell what happened, I dont own a resturant, I am not a Chef and I didnt taste the food, I am just not sure if I want to continue watching a show that looks rigged to me.

  4. I saw that, and I wondered how he made it as well. Yeah, this show is very interesting to say the least. Thanks for commenting!

  5. I believe the Food Network has amazing ratings. I also think this show Kitchen Casino is the idea of someone who is sleeping with a producer or is blackmailing him/her. This show is garbage and is obviously not worthy of being broadcasted on this network or any other.

  6. Yep, the Canadian versions of the TV channels you get in the USA can sometimes be bland. I am glad you think Kitchen Casino is no good. And yes, Food Network has some good shows like Chopped, they need to make more shows about cooking. Thanks for commenting!