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Power Rangers And Flintstones Reboots, Two Franchises That Need To Be Left Alone


Over the last week, two classic franchises that carries a geeky/nerdy theme are making a comeback!  But in my opinion, I think these comebacks are not going to be very popular, I mean, we have already seen movies from these franchises, and they did so-so at best.  So, let’s talk about the comeback of Power Rangers and The Flintstones.

First off, you should know about the Power Rangers.  They were created way back more than 20 years ago, I remember first watching them on FOX Kids before that disappeared forever!  So, Saban Brands, who owns the Power Rangers, is partnering with Lionsgate to produce a new Power Rangers movie.  The film will be in live action and will be the third movie in the franchise.  The first two movies took place in 1995 and 1997.  And somehow, Saban thinks the new movie will be a major hit.  Haim Saban even said “We’re confident that we will capture the world of the Power Rangers and translate it into a unique and memorable motion picture phenomenon with a legacy all its own.”

So Lionsgate, the same studio behind Hunger Games, Twilight, Divergent, and other classic movies, is thinking people will come back to the Power Rangers?  Currently, the latest Power Rangers franchise airs on Nickelodeon, and it does some so-so ratings.  The new movie is going to feature high school students getting special powers and they become the latest versions of the Power Rangers, so it’s basically going to be a reboot!  The first version of the Power Rangers, when the cast was high school students, was cool to watch.  I enjoyed the writing, the giant robots, the fighting, and the two guys who were clumsy with their unique music, I remember that!

So I guess we will see how the latest Power Rangers movie will do when it’s released.  I am sure we will see plenty of clips, pictures, and trailers before the movie comes out.  And yes, I am sure Geek Alabama will review the movie.  Hey, if Hasbro can bring back My Little Pony to how popular it’s today, then maybe Saban can bring the Power Rangers back to major popularity!  At least the Black Nerd is excited about this news!

And now, even more weirder news.  Do you remember The Flintstones?  The classic modern stone age family from Bedrock!  The cartoon was a major hit and aired even in primetime on ABC in the 1960’s.  Today, you can still even see reruns on Boomerang.  My favorite part of The Flintstones franchise is the live action movie that premiered in 1994.  That was a very special movie and did very well in the box office.  Well, 20 years has passed since that film was released, and someone thought it was time for The Flintstones to make another comeback.  And no, Seth MacFarlane is not behind this.

Warner Bros. has announced that a featured film focusing on The Flintstones is in very early development.  So it’s not a guarantee we will see a film coming down the road.  But with another reboot possibly coming down the road, I wonder if the movie would be successful?  I mean, you can not keep rebooting a classic franchise over and over again.  Maybe the new Flintstones movie will do well, but if FOX axed the potential Flintstones reboot, one has to wonder if a new Flintstones movie would do well?  I guess we will see! And yes, the Black Nerd is not happy about this, and I want to see a Dinosaurs movie, get on it Disney!

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